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Natural Products For Body & Home.

Shop By Scent

How about an aromatherapy refresher? Use this guide to find the perfect scent. Click a scent and you'll be led to that world of wondrous whiffs. 


Please your body’s sugar cravings with this bar’s candy-like sweetness and nutty undertones. Though tempting to eat, we recommend you share the wealth with your skin. 


A psychedelic swirl of black licorice and herbaceous, somewhat floral, lavender— starts off fiery, ends up soothing. Yin and Yang, man.


Eau de lumberjack— the scents of campfires, #2 pencils, autumn and prairie grass all rolled into one. Zum Loveys say it’ll put hair on your chest. (Then wash it!)


Oranges, grapefruit and spearmint, oh my! A two-fer of citrus freshness and invigorating mint.


Lusty and unmistakable clove freshens up a bit with nuances of cheery spearmint. A bold flavor, but spicy sweet nonetheless— for the bather who defies definition.


Our bar-istas pour this luscious and cleansing cocktail. Our version of a vanilla latte (sans the caffeine jitters). We even leave the coffee grounds in for that revitalizing pre-breakfast exfoliation.


Rich, earthy and herbaceous team up with the moisturizing powers of Dragon’s Blood resin. It’s been used on skin for thousands of years!


Smells like Spring...if you're in Australia. Pungently clean with citrus undertones. In two words, it's camphoric and invigorating.


Tall, dark and sexy as ever. It’s syrupy and robust, rich, full-bodied, decadent and indulgent. Year in and year out, our MVB (Most Valuable Bar).


In the Zum family tree, this is the quiet half-brother to Frankincense & Myrrh. Delicate lavender balances outspoken frankincense to create a beautiful relationship. Great scent for lavender lovers with a mysterious side.


Slivers of our beloved Frankincense & Myrrh swim in bath of patchouli, creating a perfect dance of earthy and sensual.


Smell like a summer flower bed: crisp and botanical, but never overwhelming. The best thumb is a green one. 


Tangy citrus with an oh-so-sweet after smell— delicious to eat, but even better to bathe with. (How do we end this sentence without a preposition?)


Dripping from the scent of sweet honey and buffing with the lusciousness of floral lavender, this scent bares all.


The granddaddy of aromatherapy. Take a sniff and immediately bask in its lush caress. Not too floral, not too zesty, just right. 



If the swirling sunset of colors doesn’t grab you from the get-go, the scent will. Three favorites woven together to give you a little bit of everything you could want in a bar of soap. Refreshing, calming and earthy— the definition of tri-fecta.


With the silky combo of rich lavender and brisk spearmint, this bar is a no-brainer. All the exhilaration you love from mint, but gentle enough for the most sensual showers.


Mellow lavender and energetic rosemary offer a lively dynamic of soft and piquant with deep violet body. Sure to make every shower a sensual experience. Can you say Purple Rain?


Lemon’s pungent cousin offers the bright, grassy tartness of citrus, but without the puckered lips. 


Sharp, savory and incredibly refreshing. Squeeze some of these suds on yourself for the ideal cool down. Going green never smelled so fabulous.


Pure. Simple. Spearmint. Does for your body what chewing gum does for your mouth…makes you extra kissable. Starts out soft, but…wait for it…has a tingly finish.


Lavender provides the base line, while a hint of citrus gives just that perfect amount of high end. Finely ground oatmeal helps with all your exfoliating needs. 


For all who enjoy rich, earthy smells— think freshly potted plants, autumn leaves and mud baths. Just a bit hippie-ish, but still delish. 


It’s not like two-bars-in-one. It is. A seesaw of dusky patchouli and pristine spearmint — if you could flip this bar like a coin, you’d win every time.


Patchouli and oranges: you know ‘em, you love ‘em, and people like you better when you smell like ‘em. For those who want to smell clean, but not too clean.


With savory sprigs of this culinary mainstay in every bar, it is the perfect kitchen soap. Also great for the face.


Normally, getting this fresh might land you in some trouble—and it still might, but with peppermint and rosemary’s one-two punch your back is covered. Sharp and stimulating scent for a pristine clean.


Sweet, sweet wood. Literally. The balsamic smell of freshly cut branches mingles with carefully crafted essential oils in this rugged and sporty scent. So sultry, it’s a good thing you’re not expected to keep your pants on while bathing.


Crisp, fresh and silky. Nothing fishy here. We take the best elements of a sea breeze and throw in actual sea salt to moisturize the briniest of skin. Where there is salt there’s water.


This bar is handmade with organic raw nori seaweed. It’s new wave and puts a hydrating notion in your ocean. Smells tangy with a little kick.


Make yourself a little juicier with nothing but the essence of your favorite nectars. You may not be able to tell them apart, but you’ll smell the harmony. Pulp lovers unite!


Tea tree's spicy-crisp scent goes perfectly with a splash of citrus.