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Natural Products For Body & Home.




Pouring  & Swirling


Like a drummer must painstakingly select a kit that both sounds great and feels just right, we select our ingredients to mix perfectly with each other. From the high hat notes of our pure essential oils, to the syrupy bass of our vegetable oils, the product you get is the result of our countless hours of studio time.



"Cold-processed soap" is the greatest way to allow the natural ingredients to jam together without unnecessary meddling. Our technique requires no extra heating or chemical aids for saponification, but relies solely on the heat of the natural reaction between oils (no lard!) and lye. Our process preserves the integrity of the ingredients. We keep the natural occurring glycerin, a major moisturizer, while commercial soap companies sell it as a profitable by-product. For the encore, we add extra oils leaving you with a super moisturizing bar of soap!

Once the ingredients have had time to do their thing, our recording artists A.K.A. soap makers, step in to bring it all together. A dash of all-natural pigment, a thump of organic herbs, and some steady stirring, and voila! The record (ahem, soap) is almost there! With the concentration of a guitarist mid solo, we pour and swirl like we're high on life, making sure each batch of soap is perfect and oh-so-sexy.



After chillin' for no less than 24 hours (being a rockstar slab of soap is no easy feat), the finished product has one last leg of the tour. With the aid of a custom rig, we cut slabs into bars and bricks, adjusting our signature wave like Hendrix riding a whammy bar, assuring every single Zum Bar looks glamourous enough to make "the cut" to be your shower-singin' partner.